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null Large Class of NPS Marines Complete EWS, CSC Programs

Large Class of NPS Marines Complete EWS, CSC Programs

NPS Marines are recognized for completing the Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) distance education program, and the Command and Staff College program, during a ceremony in Glasgow Hall, Nov. 16.

In one of the largest classes in recent years, 80 U.S. Marine Corps students currently studying at NPS were awarded certificates of completion for the Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) distance education program during a ceremony in Glasgow Hall, Nov. 16. In addition, 10 officers, and a handful of NPS international students, were also recognized for completing the USMC Command and Staff College (CSC) program.

Each year, NPS’ cadre of Marine Corps students undertakes extra-curricular courses required by the service. This year’s group is significantly larger, as the cohort of Marines at NPS is significant larger, nearly 250 students in residence.

According to NPS Deputy Senior Marine Corps Representative Lt. Col. Louis Camardo, there are two significant benefits to having these courses available to Marines obtaining a master’s degrees at NPS.

“The first benefit is in simply completing a requirement,” Camardo said. “All Marines who attend NPS are required to complete the Professional Military Education (PME) required for their current grade. Some Marines may have already completed the requirement by the time they arrive, and some complete the requirement at the Naval War College (NWC) Monterey program.

“The second benefit is the knowledge they gain, which arms them to fully contribute as a captain, Expeditionary Warfare qualified, or a major, Command Staff qualified, in their follow-on billets,” Camardo continued. “An additional benefit includes learning with students from varying Military Occupational Skills, to include our international officers as well.”

Expeditionary Warfare School is a four-course, career-level school designed to be completed through a combination of self-study and organized seminar participation, and takes approximately 14 months to complete. The Command Staff College is an eight-course, intermediate-level school and normally takes about 18 months to complete. While at NPS, the course can be completed in 16 months.

For more information about these programs, contact the office of the Senior Marine Corps Representative at (831) 656-2987.