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NPS Student, Faculty Research Helps Develop Climate-Ready Force through Infrastructure Resilience
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) student research that identified and modeled different aspects of real-world disaster preparedness is being adopted by Navy and state emergency management officials for... Read More

Bridging the Gap: NPS to Accelerate Innovation from Concept to Capability
Innovation has long been part of the foundation of U.S. military power. Indeed, the call for greater innovation is at the forefront of both the National Security Strategy and the National Defense Stra... Read More

Wisdom and Warfare – Athena Sets Sail at NPS to Solve Fleet Operational Problems
Following years of discussion, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is launching an ambitious initiative that will help keep NPS, and the Department of the Navy, in-the-know on operationally-focused re... Read More

NPS Scores High Marks in Annual Grad School Rankings, Again
When “U.S. News and World Report” (USNWR) released its well-known annual rankings of U.S. graduate schools, March 29, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) once again maintained high marks in several pr... Read More

NPS Student-Professor Team Connects Research to Marines in the Field
This past Summer, a Marine infantry officer and a cryptographer from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) journeyed to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, where I Marine Expeditionary Force (... Read More

NPS Hosts High-Energy Laser Working Group to Address DOD Domain Needs
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) hosted the latest annual Laser Lethality Technical Area Working Group (TAWG) sponsored by the Joint Directed Energy Transition Office (DE-JTO), Aug. 24-26. The even... Read More

NPS Honors Victims, First Responders, Service Members at 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony
Students, faculty and staff at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) honored the nearly 3,000 lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, and the continued commitment of first responders and service members in the 20... Read More

NPS Launches Center on Combating Hybrid Threats to Address Hybrid Warfare
On November 25, 2018, a Russian commercial cargo ship suddenly parked itself across the narrow Kerch Strait on the Crimea, blocking three Ukrainian Navy vessels sailing in international waters from re... Read More

Problems Solved Here: Central Coast Tech Bridge, Innovation Accelerator Foundation to collaborate on technology solutions
The NavalX Central Coast (C2) Tech Bridge is partnering with Innovation Accelerator Foundation (IAF) to expand collaboration between the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and public sector innovation or... Read More

Pentagon’s Senior Climate Advisor Delivers Talk on Security, Climate Change in Latest SGL
Mr. Joseph Bryan, Senior Advisor on Climate to the U.S. Secretary of Defense spoke virtually to Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) students, faculty and staff about “The Security Implications of Climate ... Read More

Missile Defense Agency Chief Discusses Technology, Education, Mission During Virtual SGL
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) distinguished alumnus and current Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Director Vice Adm. Jon A. Hill spoke virtually to NPS faculty, staff and students on the topic of “Missil... Read More

NPS Establishes Climate and Security Network for Research Collaboration, Accessibility
On January 27, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to tackle climate challenges at home and abroad, which both elevates and frames climate concerns within a national security perspective. Re... Read More

NPS to Launch New Maritime Security Certificate Supporting Naval Strategies
With the recent release of the Tri-Service Maritime Strategy Advantage at Sea and the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Navigation Plan – strategies for the Navy to project power and sea control amid co... Read More

NPS Expands Coursework in Great Power Competition, Focused on China
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is once again expanding its graduate education offerings on the subject of Great Power Competition (GPC). While NPS has recently launched a distance learning GPC ce... Read More

NPS Regional Security Program Prepares Deploying Forces, Surpasses Milestone
For more than two decades, the Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Regional Security Education Program (RSEP) has provided leading subject matter experts to deploying forces in transit delivering on-sit... Read More

CNO Explores Future Warfare at the Naval Postgraduate School
In an effort to explore current research related to key naval priorities, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Gilday visited the Naval Postgraduate School, Dec. 17, to assess the university’s la... Read More

NPS Researchers Developing the Defensive Playbook Against Large-Scale Drone Swarms
The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea stunned the world when they put on a dazzling light show made up of a record-breaking 1,218 drones, all dancing in harmony. In the Department of De... Read More

NPS Creating Virtual Undersea Environments to Advance Underwater Autonomy
With undersea warfare remaining a key domain for U.S. defense strategies, the ability to map and navigate the depths of the world’s oceans becomes increasingly essential to maintaining an advantage. R... Read More

Remembering 9-11- A Message from the NPS President and Special Guests
Today marks the anniversary of one of the darkest days in U.S. history. Yet even with nearly 20 years separating us from that terrible moment, memories of 9/11 remain fresh in the American consciousne... Read More

Open For Autonomous Business: Largest-Ever Unmanned & Robotics Systems Research Contract Awarded For NPS
MONTEREY, Calif. (NPS) – Military students at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) have firsthand experience with complex challenges in the fleet and the field. They come to NPS to work alongside exper... Read More

Former CNO Mullen Talks Leadership, National Security Challenges in a Post-COVID-19 World
Years of leadership experience as a Naval officer, culminating as the Navy's Chief of Naval Operations then as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Navy Adm. Mike Mullen offered his view... Read More

Networks That Don’t Exist Expand the Boundaries of Battlefield Communication
For the better part of two decades, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Professor of Information Sciences Alex Bordetsky and his colleague Eugene Bourakov have been working to develop and improve tactical... Read More

NPS Cancels Winter Quarter Graduation Ceremony to Reduce COVID-19 Risks
MONTEREY, Calif. (NPS) – In order to reduce the risk of transmission posed by the novel Coronavirus, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) has canceled the university’s Winter Quarter graduation ceremon... Read More

From Talent Management to Personalized Terrorism, NPS SOF Student Theses Explore Diverse Topics
The Naval Postgraduate School Department of Defense Analysis (DA) held its biannual Research Week, Jan. 13-17, on the university campus. Home to a majority of the school’s Special Operations Forces (S... Read More

Navy’s Focus on Education Is an Opportunity for NPS
MONTEREY, Calif. (NPS) – A comprehensive study and subsequent report released by the Department of the Navy in late 2018 is proving to be a significant opportunity for Monterey’s Naval Postgraduate Sc... Read More

Latest Cyber Endeavour Tackles Russian Interference
More than 200 experts and operators representing organizations across the Department of Defense (DOD), Academia, Industry and NATO gathered at Stanford Research Institute’s (SRI) International Headqua... Read More

Annual Symposium Puts Technology at the Forefront of Acquisition
Seaside, Calif. - For two days in May, hundreds of acquisition professionals from government, academia and industry across the nation gathered in this arcadian city on California’s central coast to ma... Read More

NSA curricula review leans into Great Power Competition
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) just completed its latest curricula review for the National Security Affairs (NSA) department, adjusting course to meet the new challenges of increasing Great Power... Read More

CHDS grads examine wicked problems through innovative HSX program
A cohort of top graduates from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) returned to their alma mater to participate in an innovative program to examine wicke... Read More

Advancing OPSEC Through ‘Train the Trainers’ Course
NPS hosted the latest Naval Operations Security (OPSEC) Program Manager Course, Jan. 9-10, designed to teach OPSEC trainers across the Department of Defense enterprise how to develop programs to meet ... Read More

NPS Earns High Marks in Annual Grad School Rankings
“U.S. News and World Report” released their annual rankings for graduate universities across the nation, and once again, NPS programs performed well in the analysis, including a number one overall ran... Read More

CHDS Director Woodbury Earns National Emergency Management Association’s Suiter Award
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) Director Glen Woodbury was honored with the 2017 Lacy E. Suiter Distinguished Service Award. Officials of the National E... Read More

NPS Cyber Graduate Detects Active Vulnerability Through His Thesis Research
The mission of the Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Department of Computer Science is to advance the combat effectiveness of the U.S. and allied armed forces through unique graduate education program... Read More

NPS Welcomes First-Ever Texas Ranger Into CHDS’ Executive Leaders Program
Texas Ranger Maj. J.D. Robertson, the first ever Texas Ranger to walk the halls of NPS, looks the part of the unyielding, ‘Lone Star’ lawman. His stature is straight and tall; his eyes are fixed, stee... Read More

NPS Grad, Dallas PD Officer, Examines Law Enforcement’s Response to Mass Protest
Dallas Police Department Officer Maj. Stephen “Max” Geron has been a busy man since graduating from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). Geron’s thesis... Read More

NPS’ Executive Education Programs Add Broader Reach, Impact to the Mission
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) has been at the forefront of the Navy’s efforts to provide its officers with a defense-focused graduate education for decades. By taking advantage of the intellectu... Read More

Combating Terrorism Through Graduate Education, Research
Students and faculty at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) are contributing to U.S. efforts to counter terrorism with the weapons they understand best – graduate education and research. NPS Departme... Read More

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Guest Lectures at NPS’ CHDS
Education and collaboration are important components to keeping the nation’s border secure, Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol (CBP) Michael J. Fisher told students of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)... Read More

Former Intel Officer, Now Academic Challenges Student Perspectives
Former Navy intelligence officer turned academic, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Assistant Professor Erik Dahl teaches at both NPS, and at its Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). Dahl’s ... Read More

NPS, NSA Monterey Host Security Training Exercise
Naval Support Activity (NSA) Monterey's Police Department and civilian emergency services teamed up for an extensive training exercise, February 24-28. Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield (SC-CS) is designed... Read More

NPS’ CHDS Announces 2013-14 Distinguished Fellows
An emergency management professional from Washington state and a retired New York City police detective are the 2013-14 Center for Homeland Defense and Security Distinguished Alumni Fellows. Jody Woo... Read More

NPS Leads Global Team in Maritime Nuclear Detection Research
An international team of researchers, special forces operators, first responders and scientists led by Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Department of Information Sciences Associate Professor Alexander ... Read More

Naval Postgraduate School Hosts Collaborative Interagency Field Experimentation Program
Students, faculty and staff from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) conducted Joint Interagency Field Experiment (JIFX) 12-2 with representatives from the Department of Defense’s combatant commands (... Read More

NORAD, USNORTHCOM Commander Talks Civil Support with NPS Students
Army Gen. Charles H. Jacoby Jr., Commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, visited the Naval Postgraduate School, Jan 31. Jacoby spent much of his visit wit... Read More

NPS Alumnus Applies Studies to Monumental ‘Endeavour’
One hundred eighty-two meetings. Eight hundred fifty emails. A 96-hour work shift with the whole world watching. That was just part of Naval Postgraduate School alumnus, Inglewood Police Lt. James ... Read More

SIGS, CHDS Founder Paul Stockton Returns to NPS for Briefings, SGL
A familiar face returned to campus, Sept. 25, as NPS welcomed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas' Security Affairs Paul Stockton for a campus visit, meetings with faculty... Read More

Transportation Security Administration Chief Visits NPS, CHDS
Transportation Security Administration Chief John Pistole was on the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) campus for a series of meetings and briefings with members of the Center for Homeland Defense and S... Read More

Former CJCS Advisor Capt. Wayne Porter Fills New Chair of Systemic Strategy and Complexity
The NPS community recently welcomed alumnus Capt. Wayne Porter as the new Chair of Systemic Strategy and Complexity under the Global Public Policy Academic Group. Porter most recently served as the sp... Read More

RELIEF Program Supports Military, NGO, Industry Collaboration to Benefit Homeland Security, First Responders
NPS researchers are frequently involved in emergency response and homeland security research projects, looking to assist in disaster response and prevention efforts worldwide. One such program looks t... Read More

CHDS Leader’s New Book Delves Into the ‘Why’ of Disasters
A nearly 25-year-old theory posed by a late Danish physicist provides insight into how to the U.S. can soften the blows of catastrophic events, according to a recently released book written by Ted Lew... Read More

Student Research Through NPS’ Center for Infrastructure Defense Takes Center Stage During Brief to Leadership
Protecting the critical infrastructures of the United States – the electric power grid, oil and gas, transportation, communications, food and agriculture, and water – is a key focus for the Department... Read More

International Terrorism Expert Speaks at NPS
The terrorist attack on September 11th is widely recognized as one of the most impactful events of the 21st century, exposing the threat of radical Islamic terrorism to the western world. To many, the... Read More

Imagination Conversation Inspires Participants to “Imagine a Safer Community”
What does a safe community look and feel like? What happens in a community where there is trust among neighbors? These questions and many more were posed at the “Imagination Conversation” hosted by th... Read More

NPS OR Team Optimizes Defense Against Narco Semi-Subs
A Naval Postgraduate School faculty-student team has developed a mathematical model that determines the best combination and deployment of search platforms to detect and classify self-propelled semi-s... Read More

2010 Homeland Security Conference Brings Key National Security Experts to NPS
With the recent anniversary of September 11 providing a somber reminder to the importance of their mission, experts from around the country gathered for the 4th Annual Homeland Security Conference hel... Read More

Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke Calls for New National Cyber Defense Policy to Prevent a Cyber 9/11
The Honorable Richard Clarke – former National Coordinator and Special Assistant for Counterterrorism, Security, Global Affairs and Cyber Warfare to three presidents – called for a new national cyber ... Read More

NPS Initiative Creates Public-Private Partnership for Enhanced Maritime Awareness
A prime goal of post-9/11 homeland defense is information sharing across military services and government departments and agencies. Now, a new initiative by the Naval Postgraduate School is capturing ... Read More

NPS Receives Prestigious National Information Assurance Dual Designation
The National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have announced the designation of the Naval Postgraduate School as an Information Assurance (IA) Center for Academic Excell... Read More

Senate Confirms Professor Paul Stockton as Assistant Secretary of Defense
Dr. Paul Noble Stockton, former Associate Provost at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), was confirmed yesterday, May 18, by the U.S. Senate as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense... Read More

Global Center for Security Cooperation, DLI Sign Historic Collaboration
The Global Center for Security Cooperation (GCSC) and Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) signed an historic Letter of Accord Jan. 30 making the nation's language provider for ... Read More

'84 Classmates Receive Distinguished Alumnus Awards in Dual Ceremony
Two graduates of the Naval Postgraduate School December 1984 class were honored with Distinguished Alumnus Awards in a dual ceremony in the Barbara McNitt Ballroom, Dec. 19. NPS President Daniel Olive... Read More