Accreditation - Program Review

Program Review

NPS uses three related processes to continuously review its academic programs; Curriculum Review, Academic Program Review, and the New Program Initiation Process.

  • The long-standing Curriculum Review process focuses on the individual degree programs offered at the university.
  • NPS has additionally established an Academic Program Review, which incorporates a self study and peer review process for academic departments within the university.  This type of program review is required by institutional accreditors such as WSCUC.
  • NPS has further implemented the New Program Initiation Process to permit systematic review of new academic degrees and certificates.

Each process reviews the quality, relevance, and capacity of our academic programs and provides information to validate that:

  • NPS curricula are of high academic quality and aligned with the mission of NPS and the needs of its sponsors (Curriculum Review).
  • The academic programs (education and research) offered at NPS are current, relevant, and of high quality as assessed by peers within the academic community (Academic Program Review).
  • Proposed new programs meet NPS' academic standards and that NPS academic support and resource infrastructure are aligned to ensure their quality and success (New Program Initiation Process).