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History of the Acquisition Research Program at NPS

Established in 2003, ARP delivers warfighter-focused acquisition research that informs and improves acquisition policy and practice. ARP research connects military and civilian acquisition professionals, policymakers in DoD and Congress, industry, and acquisition researchers from a range of federal and independent institutions. At NPS, ARP works with the Graduate School of Defense Management to support 60-80 graduate student research projects each year.

Every year, ARP increases its effectiveness in the acquisition community. ARP’s first annual symposium showcased 8 papers and had 53 attendees. The latest symposium spotlighted over 70 papers and welcomed more than 300 participants from around the globe representing all military services, government, industry, academia, and the NPS community.


Continuing the Section 809 Panel Legacy

In 2019, the Acquisition Research Program expanded its research and analytical capabilities with the addition of resources that continue the work of the Section 809 Panel, a congressional panel mandated in the FY2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to provide recommendations that would better position the defense acquisition system to meet the continuously evolving threats posed by the nation’s near-peer competitors, non-state actors, and a rapidly changing global threat environment. 

After the panel finalized its work in July 2019, the Acquisition Research Program provided a home for the panel’s archives and a few former staff members. In ARP’s hands, these resources have now become a source of expertise for acquisition researchers and a searchable repository of over 700 documents from the Section 809 Panel, including both the Section 809 Panel’s final reports, which detail the 98 recommendations delivered to Congress and the Secretary of Defense, and hundreds of additional supporting documents. This collection of documents is available to the public on ARP’s publications page.

ARP is also actively tracking the implementation of Section 809 Panel recommendations and working to integrate the reform recommendations of the Section 809 Panel with future research conducted through our program. Several published ARP technical reports already connect new research with recommendations from the panel on topics such as workforce development, an area that has seen strong support from policymakers. Students are encouraged to connect future research topics with policy recommendations made by the panel, adding more evidence from the frontline to support the need for reform. 


Sponsors and Partners

ARP works closely with our sponsors, whose foresight and vision have assured the continuing success of the Acquisition Research Program:

  • Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Sustainment)

  • Director, Acquisition Talent Management, U.S. Navy

  • Program Executive Officer, Integrated Warfare Systems, U.S. Navy

  • Program Executive Officer, Ships, U.S. Navy

Through our grants program, ARP coordinates research with organizations and individuals throughout the broader acquisition community, including 15+ universities and think tanks as well as innovation generators. These organizations include NPS, Ohio State University, Syracuse University, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Maryland, Stevens Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Carnegie Mellon University, George Washington University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, University of California branches at San Diego and Irvine, Air Force Institute of Technology, and more.


Get to Know the Team

  • Jim Greene, RADM USN (Ret.)
    Chair of Acquisition
  • Dr. Bob Mortlock
    Principal Investigator
  • Karey Shaffer
    Program Manager
  • Michelle Johnson
    Communications Manager
  • Nadia Greer
    Program Analyst
  • Jochele Benson
    Program Analyst
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