Conduct DoD-funded research with ARP

Conduct DoD-funded Research with ARP

ARP conducts and supports research in academic disciplines that bear on public procurement policy and management. These include economics, finance, financial management, information systems, organization theory, operations management, human resources management, risk management, and marketing, as well as the traditional public procurement areas such as contracting, program/project management, logistics, test and evaluation and systems engineering management.

ARP is interested in innovative proposals that will provide unclassified and non-proprietary findings suitable for publication in open scholarly literature. Studies of government processes, systems, or policies should also expand the body of knowledge and theory of processes, systems, or policies outside the government.

Researchers bear prime responsibility for the design, management, direction and conduct of research. Researchers are encouraged to be creative in the selection of the technical and management processes and approaches and consider the greatest and broadest impact possible.

The project abstract and technical report will be published and made available to the general public, senior managers, and policymakers in the government. Proposals and final reports should clearly identify how the research might fulfill a public benefit beyond the needs of the Departments of Defense or Navy.


How It Works

Every year, ARP awards grants to NPS faculty and external researchers in a competitive process that selects top research from the acquisition community to explore a topic impacting today’s acquisition professionals and policymakers. Final reports will provide data-driven analysis and informed recommendations for innovation to improve defense acquisition. Calls for this research are typically released in late spring.

Accepted reports will be added to ARP’s 2,100+ research holdings in the Defense Acquisition Innovation Repository (DAIR), and authors will present their original research at ARP’s annual symposium.

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