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Defense Acquisition Innovation Repository

The Acquisition Research Program is home to the Defense Acquisition Innovation Repository (DAIR), an extensive collection of original research on defense acquisition from American and international acquisition professionals, including military officers and civilian researchers. These holdings date back to the program's inception in 2003 and are frequently updated with new material. 

DAIR has four collections:

  1. Annual Acquisition Research Symposium Proceedings & Presentations

  2. NPS Graduate Student Theses & Reports

  3. Section 809 Panel Reports, Recommendations & Resources

  4. Sponsored Acquisition & Technical Reports


About the Section 809 Panel Archive

In 2019, the Acquisition Research Program developed a searchable repository of over 700 documents from the Section 809 Panel, which finalized its work in July 2019. Congress created the Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations (the Section 809 Panel) in the FY2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to provide recommendations that would better position the defense acquisition system to meet the continuously evolving threats posed by the nation’s near-peer competitors, non-state actors, and a rapidly changing global threat environment. 

ARP’s collection contains both the Section 809 Panel’s final reports, which detail the 98 recommendations delivered to Congress and the Secretary of Defense, as well as hundreds of additional supporting documents. The panel made recommendations to change existing laws, regulations, and policies; to modernize the defense acquisition system for the 21st century; and to enable DoD to more consistently buy what it needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. The panel’s final reports have been archived both with ARP and the Defense Technical Information Center.

Unique to the ARP repository are many of the primary documents that informed the panel’s final recommendations as well as legislative resources, including decades of past NDAAs and other acquisition-related laws. All of the panel's recommendations were informed by detailed research into current policies, directives, instructions, laws, and regulations; reports from government organizations, non-profits, and journalists; and hundreds of interviews with key stakeholders.

Using The Archive

This collection provides resources and examples that can inspire further research on defense acquisition innovation by academics, practitioners, and graduate students from across the country. All Section 809 Panel recommendations include facts and analysis of known challenges in defense acquisition as well as proposed changes to acquisition policy with draft implementation language that clearly articulates how to structure these new practices, providing a model for practitioner-scholars seeking to modernize acquisition policy in direct response to the latest research. 

Tracking the Panel's Recommendations

Many of the panel's 98 recommendations have been implemented or addressed by Congress, DoD, or other policymakers. ARP is actively tracking the status of these recommendations. As of April 14, 2020, 24 recommendations have been implemented in part or full.


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