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Welcome to the Graduate Student Acquisition Research Program (ARP)

Graduate Student Acquisition Research Program

The Acquisition Research Program (ARP) seeks quality graduate student research. The following list indicates the range of potential research areas of interest; acquisition and procurement policy; contract, supply chain, cost, project, logistics or engineering management; acquisition workforce; public budgeting and finance; outsourcing; performance measurements; collaboration; small business; human systems integration; and more.  Choose a sponsor topic or create one of your own.


Acceptance into ARP graduate student research program will provide the following at no cost to you;

  1. Travel funding (if needed)
  2. Professional editing (when you complete 3 chapters and again when all chapters are complete).
  3. Transcription support for digital recordings.

Program Expectations

  1. Produce publishable research (Public Release, Unlimited Distribution)
  2. Meet ARP milestones and stay on schedule
  3. Set a goal to complete your thesis/MBA project 2 months prior to graduation
  4. Deliverables:
    • Submit final WORD copy of your research report, and
    • Submit a poster of your research methodologies and findings. (ARP provides the template and has samples for review.)
  5. Present a poster of your final results or planned research at the 17th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, 13 May 2020 in Monterey, CA. 


Submit your application via email to

  1. Submit a cover email and attach your program application materials in a single PDF.
  2. Program Application attachment must include;
    • Signed ARP Application
    • Signed IRB Check List
    • Travel Estimate from DTS (if applicable)

Acquisition Research Program (ARP)

We would love to meet you! 

Drop by the ARP Office (Ingersoll - 372) anytime to meet Jochele & Nadia and talk about our student program.  We can also be reached via email at or by phone (831) 656-3793. 

Below please click on your graduation date to find the application, associated forms and samples.  We have also included relevant resources and writing handbooks for your use.

We are excited that you have interest in joining ARP and look forward to working with you.

Hope to see you soon!

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