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This ongoing research involves many NPS students from the MAE, SE, and ECE departments of NPS, and deals with using the recent advances in visual sensor hardware and software. Among the areas that could really benefit from these advances are

•    enabling a “Detect, Sense and Avoid” capability for the single and multiple (swarm) UAS operating in national airspace
•    characterizing dynamics of a variety of the test articles including bullets, projectiles, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and multibody aerial delivery systems
•    providing a navigation aid for UAS operating in GPS-degraded and GPS-denied environment
•    allowing feature-based navigation and vision-based guidance

The key ideas behind these research efforts are briefly described in the follow-up articles.

Downloads - Computer Vision


You are welcome to download some of the video clips that are being used within the Computer Vision Analysis of Test Items Dynamics research effort. The INS/GPS data corresponding to these videos are also available per request.