EO/IR Integration Home

EO/IR Integration Home

This project pursues the development of an on-line monitoring system allowing to reliably extract the certain features (reference points) and then new popping-up object (that are needed to be related to the reference points) based on two streams of video data – EO and IR. Specifically, the objectives are as follows:

  • find surveyed reference points on both EO and IR images
  • find multiple popped-up objects within the EO and IR images
  • combine EO and IR images together to improve the robustness of the video scoring algorithms
  • assess the developed tools for the real-time usage (blending EO and IR streams together)

To date, several algorithms / tools were developed to address these objectives. These algorithms / tools were devoted to address a sequence of particular problems

  • loading the sequence of the images into MATLAB development environment and creating a convenient analyzing tool allowing to determine the range of the frames that might be of a specific interest (surrounding the popping-up object events).
  • finding a way to “normalize” the consequent images, which provides a capability to use their difference as a reliable tool for new object detection
  • finding multiple pairs of scale-invariant feature points to find the corresponding transform between two consecutive images
  • detecting all surveyed reference points (and newly popped-up points) on each image

The developed software has exhibited an excellent performance and is currently being field tested.