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Inspire, Innovate, Shape & Support!

The Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Education aspires to be a team of visionary educators known for and dedicated to supporting revolutionary and impactful education. We inspire faculty and students to be leaders in classroom innovation, shaping the future of DoD Education to support fleet-responsive learning.


The Graduate Education Advancement Center (GEAC) supports NPS' institutional commitment to the achievement of excellence, fostering the delivery of quality graduate education. 

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Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC)

An organization promoting quality, collaboration, forward-thinking, and innovation in teaching and learning (T&L). Its vision is to (a) facilitate easier access to services in T&L across NPS, (b) support NPS’s strategic plan and mission, and (c) empower students and faculty.

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Ready Relevant Learning

We research education methodologies that guide the learner through personalized educational experiences by constantly adapting learning paths based on information captured about the learner, catering to the DoD officers and civilians of the 21st century.

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List of classroom resources and classroom information available at NPS that promote best practices in teaching and learning (T&L) with technologies.  We seek to identify specific needs of the NPS teaching and learning community to ensure the right tools are available to successfully accomplish the NPS educational mission.

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The NPS themes for WSCUC 2020 accreditation: Curriculum 2020 (designing and aligning NPS educational programs to the mission), Classroom 2020 (programs supporting classroom T&L, including assessment), and Campus 2020 (activities supporting faculty, diversity, and collaboration).

Explore the status of WSCUC accreditation here.

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