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Battle Management Aids - Concepts, Definitions, and Terms of Reference Necessary to Define Navy Requirements

The ability to optimally manage distributed warfare assets for collaborative operation significantly increases our military advantage. Recent studies have pointed to increasing speed of warfare, emerging threat capability and numbers, and data overload from a growing number of sensors and networks. This results in challenges to human decision making when faced with a complex decision space, multitudes of information, and the fast reaction time required. This proposal will investigate Battle Management Aids (BMAs) that have the potential to reduce timelines, increase decision confidence, and optimize warfare resources. Applying a systems engineering approach to the problem space, this study seeks to develop a reference architecture, Terms of Reference (ToR) and a conceptual design for tactical BMAs to support Naval and Joint warfare missions. A systems approach will be taken to view BMAs in the context of managing distributed warfare assets as Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS).
NPS Naval Research Program
NPS Naval Research Program