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CNGB CubeSat Next Generation Bus, Research and Development

This proposal describes the effort associated with the continued research and development of infrastructure associated with CubeSat Buses, enabling rapid payload development and deployment. In particular, this applied research includes development and test of the CubeSat Next Generation Bus (CNGB), a government-owned, modular bus that provides plug-and-play architecture. This infrastructure research allows for state-of-the-art CubeSat payload technology to be rapidly developed and integrated. The Space System Academic Groups (SSAG) role in this collaborative research supports DoD Space efforts in the emerging field of very small satellites. Infrastructure research is applied research and requires actual hardware and software at NPS and in the field for test and experiment. The growing acceptance of the CubeSat, a very small satellite, as a means of accomplishing focused research objectives of national interest makes this project of great interest to the Space Systems Academic Group at NPS. NPS Space Systems Engineering and Operations students have the opportunity to participate in Directed Studies and Thesis research. By staying at the forefront of emerging small satellite technologies, the Space Systems curricula benefit from the opportunity to integrate projects which use active satellites in orbit and an active network of ground stations. In addition, this work supports the development of national capabilities in space to ultimately benefit the Naval Service and the warfighter.
Space Systems Academic Group
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