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ESTEP: Self Contained Hydrogen to Electrical System

The ESTEP program aims to educate the Naval Workforce through practical implementation of new and nascent technologies to reduce the cost and increase the security of energy to United States Naval facilities. This exposes thesis students to relevant research in the critical field of renewable energy. This project will be used to enhance studies and demonstration of renewable energy laboratory within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The aim of this project is to demonstrate a self contained solar powered system that utilizes water for hydrogen and electrical power generation while storing energy in fuel cells. At present current hydrogen energy systems are very centralized, and the need for additional water reduces existing hydrogen systems. A self contained generator could decrease the demand for additional utilities and decrease the dependence on fossil fuels, while increasing energy storage mix capabilities beyond electrical energy storage in batteries that have limited life cycle times. The challenge to this project will be demonstrating a system able to generate hydrogen and store energy as needed, and then integrating the system into existing infrastructure.
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Office of Naval Research