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Program Executive Officer Ships - Acquisition Research Program Support

The Program Executive Officer for Ships (PEO SHIPS) and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) established a relationship in 2004 through a memorandum of understanding (MOU). That MOU was renewed in 2006, 2008, and 2012. As one of the Defense Department's largest acquisition organizations, PEO SHIPS is responsible for executing the development and procurement of all destroyers, amphibious ships, special mission and support ships, and special warfare craft. Established in 2002, PEO SHIPS has a strong business focus and a more flexible and cost-effective management approach for developing and integrating technologies and systems across multiple ship classes. NPS provides relevant and unique advanced education and research programs to increase the combat effectiveness of commissioned officers of the Naval Service to enhance the security of the United States (SECNAVINST 1524.2C, 21 OCT 2014).

PEO SHIPS' funding of the Chair of Acquisition and the Acquisition Research Program (ARP) supports 1) the conduct and management of relevant research supportive of PEO SHIPS' requirements and 2) opportunities for professional development for both faculty and students in Acquisition Management and related curricula at NPS. The specific educational objective is to enhance the capabilities of graduates to assume management and policy-making positions within the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition workforce.
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