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Social Network Analysis for Law Enforcement

The Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), through the Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI), identified a significant gap in the first responder community in terms of understanding networks. Consequently, OSD-DPSI asked the CORE Lab to provide technical assistance to the first responder community, specifically criminal justice agencies, about SNA. The first phase of this project, which was approved in July 2014, included several deliverables and action items to begin laying the groundwork to meet this goal of integrating and institutionalizing an SNA program into law enforcement agencies. The CORE Lab completed the following deliverables during Phase I/FY15:

1. Developed and hosted the 2015 Advanced SNA for LE Symposium at NPS (five-day event).

2. Led codebook development meetings to create a macro-level codebook for law enforcement agencies (July 2015).

3. Provided Monthly Status Reports (MSRs) and After Action Reports (AARs) to its sponsors.

The CORE Lab and OSD-DPSI expanded its assistance to the law enforcement community in FY17 by providing technical support to additional agencies. Specifically, the CORE Lab completed the following deliverables for Phase 3/FY17:

1. Finalized codebook and got it endorsed by an authoritative, national-level organization within the law enforcement community (National Sheriff's Association (NSA) (Pending)).

2. Developed and delivered a one-time, SNA Level II Assistance Event for six agencies, including three agencies supported by the Violence Reduction Network (VRN) program.

3. Refined and delivered blocks of instruction and technical assistance for first, second, and third tier agencies.

4. Hosted the 2017 Advanced SNA for LE Symposium at NPS for ~90 representatives from 46 law enforcement agencies.

5. Provided a project management plan to sponsor, including Gantt charts, pilot agency selection criteria, and AARs.

6. Produced and submitted FY17 Final Report (Pending).
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