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Technical Research and Experimentation on Information Sharing, Collaboration and Interoperability and Software Prototyping

The intent of this set of projects is to leverage the operational expertise, academic rigor, and unique technical expertise of the Defense Analysis (DA) and Information Science (IS) departments to enable and accelerate the delivery of key counter-weapons of mass destruction (CWMD) analytical and information management capabilities associated with the Constellation Program, to develop CWMD operational concepts and a CWMD curriculum, and to strengthen collaboration among the CWMD community. NPS faculty and student development of fusion platforms, analytic techniques and information sharing processes for CWMD operations leverage the capabilities of the DA Common Operational Research Environment (CORE) Lab and the IS Department's Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation (CENETIX). These also present an opportunity for CWMD Systems and Constellation to access CWMD exercises and experiments to develop, test and refine information sharing and collaboration technologies and practices.
Information Sciences
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