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Transfer and Correlation Functions between Underwater Hydrographical and Optical Parameters

The proposed research is to develop transfer and correlation functions that relate a single or group of measurements of one type to another (e.g., mixed layer depth and Lidar optical penetration depth) that could be used to infer profiling data using hull-mounted sensors without having the submarine make a vertical excursion. Optical communication/detection systems have great potential to get around the obvious limitations of current acoustic communications and detection systems especially increased fleet and port security in noisy littoral waters. Identification of transfer and correlation functions between underwater hydrographical and optical parameters is the key to understand the ocean environmental effects on optical communication and detection. In this research, we will use datasets collected from all available sources including military and civilian, U.S. and ally Navy in various parts of oceans including the Arabian Gulf/Gulf of Oman, Mediterranean Sea, East Asian marginal seas such as the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea. This project will examine aspects of the physical oceanographic environment that could impact submarine security or improve the quality of decision aids used for mission planning by the Command Task Force (CTF) or the Commanding Officer (CO).
NPS Naval Research Program
NPS Naval Research Program