Applied Physics
 Applied Physics Laboratory

The Applied Physics Laboratory focuses on technologies aimed at the improvement of warfighters' combat capabilities, as well as technologies to advance unmanned underwater systems. 

 Center for Materials Research

 The Center for Materials Research (CMR) at the Naval Postgraduate School was established in 2010 as a multidisciplinary initiative of the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science and aims to integrate graduate level education and basic and applied research in materials science. Its mission is to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research in the science and engineering of materials, and to support the education and professional development of our military and civilian students.

The center promotes collaboration among NPS faculty trained in different disciplines and entertains close partnerships with researchers from civilian universities, industry, national laboratories and other government agencies.

 MOVES Additive Manufacturing Lab

Research done in this laboratory involves the work on web based standards and AM portals for data and model exchange, 3D scanning technologies, VR and AR rapid prototyping, and diffusion and large scale adoption of AM in DoD. Students can produce 3D models of parts and use an array of 3D printers available for prototyping and testing.

Applied Cryptography Engineering 

The Applied Cryptography Engineering Lab enhances defensive capabilities through critical, innovative, and tailored security research. The ACE lab offers integration of unique security advantages through advancement of cryptographic design, development, and evaluation for secure agile technologies.

 RoboDojo Lab

The RoboDojo is a dynamic innovation space (located on NPS campus in Root Hall, Room 125) where students, staff, faculty, and friends can come 'tinker' and learn about robot components and systems.

The RoboDojo also hosts various community-led workshops, including recent gatherings on topics ranging from Basics of Solidworks, Intro to Printed Circuit Boards, to Laser Cutting and Engraving, and a Raspberry Pi Workshop.

Space Systems
 Space Systems Academic Group Lab

The NPS Space Systems Academic Group (SSAG) started 3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing (AM) in July 2008. SSAG supports the NPS community on a cost-reimbursable basis for instruction, research, and thesis projects with its Fortus 450mc AM system. It has been used in various projects for rapid prototyping, and the manufacture of working parts.

The SSAG routinely uses the machine to support thesis research and its high-altitude balloon and rocket launches for structural components and assemblies. Supported research projects have included: tangible, 3D virtual humans for the MOVES department; a full-size working control moment gyro (CMG); spacecraft control and dynamics robotics assemblies for MAE; a robotics assembly for littoral experimentation for the NPS Physics Department; and mass production of parts to support Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) systems.

System Engineering
 System Engineering Lab

The Department of Systems Engineering laboratories supports relevant, tailored, and unique advanced education and and research programs in Systems Engineering in order to increase the combat effectiveness of US and Allied armed forces and to enhance the security of the United States.