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12-14 Jul, 2011: MOVES Research and Education Summit

We wrapped-up our MOVES Research and Education Summit (12-14 Jul, 2011), an event that has been organized every year. A large interest, great and lasting impressions were created by our keynote speaker, RADM Wendi Carpenter, who spoke about the need for intensified work in a domain of Modeling and Simulation. To emphasize how in that work we need to collaborate as colleagues at equal level, she removed her military insignia at the beginning of her talk, and asked everyone to do the same. The audience readily obliged, and we were all impressed hearing the words of support delivered by RADM Carpenter. During the summit Dr Sadagic, BASE-IT PI, gave a technical talk titled "Are We Ready for Automated Training Management Systems on Physical Ranges?", and demonstrated the team's work to the visitors during Wednesday Demo Nigh.

RADM Wendi Carpenter, a keynote speakerBASE-IT Virtual Sand Table challenged our youngest visitors to be creative