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Expectations regarding campus and learning experiences are changing as global conditions and demographics of learners continue to shift. NPS needs to expand its reach to bring together Academia, the Fleet and Industry partners.

The Campus of the Future (CoF) initiative, in cooperation with Microsoft*, looks to reimagine NPS' educational ecosystem to address and meet faculty and student expectations.  The effort includes investigation of innovative paths for productive collaboration between academia, industry, and the Fleet that breakdown pervasive silos limiting the institution's ability to take advantage of critical resources and expand its academic footprint to the Fleet.

The CoF initiative pilot new ideas and identifies long term solutions by bringing together interdisciplinary, goal-oriented teams to propose solutions that keeps pace with and allows participation in an ever-changing defense environment.  The first three projects under the CoF initiative are listed below.  Please continue to check back to learn about the progress made in each area as well as the opportunities to participate and provide crucial feedback. 
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Synthesizing the NPS Campus' requirements

Piloting solutions for future integration 

Integrating physical and digital

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Recent and Upcoming Events:

CoF working group meets every other Thursday at 1pm.  Please email Prof. Ralucca Gera if interested.

Upcoming Project Milestones:

Sept-Oct  - Building a solution for the initial requirements for a potential digital classroom platform
Oct - Dec - Athena Beta Testing at NPS, contact Ralucca Gera for more information
Jan-Mar  - Pilot new digital classroom platform; Develop Athena 2.0 and beyond;


Provide Feedback:

NPS Primary Investigator: Prof. Ralucca Gera.  Submit feedback using the feedback form.

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Past Events

23 May - 3 June: Department Meetings

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*The Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) does not constitute endorsement of Microsoft or its products and services by the Naval Postgraduate School, the Department of the Navy, or the Department of Defense.

News about the CRADA found here.