The Center on Combating Hybrid Threats (CCHT) coordinates and conducts interdisciplinary research, education programs, and outreach in order to enhance the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) students and partners with the strategic, operational, and technological means necessary to detect, deny, disrupt, degrade, defeat and ultimately deter hybrid threats.


The purpose of the center is to focus on both anti-hybrid threat measures and countering hybrid operations by:
  • developing novel, collaborative, relevant, and innovative research and educational activities related to hybrid threats that emanate from states and non-state actors; 
  • offering an array of strategic and technical expertise that can be leveraged to address security challenges our nation faces from adversaries that seek to execute hybrid operations against us and our allies;
  • and collaborating with NPS students, broader DOD, academia, and other partner organizations in order to further the NPS mission of advancing the operational effectiveness, technological leadership, and warfighting advantages of the Naval service.
The CCHT's end state is to become the DOD center of excellence on combating hybrid threats that collaborates with interagency and international partners.
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