Control and Optimization Laboratories

The Control and Optimization Laboratories focuses on research involving the development and application of advanced mathematical concepts to solving practical problems arising in the guidance, navigation, control and optimization of various dynamical systems. Our long-term research goals are to develop applicable techniques for the control of complex nonlinear systems. A new revolutionary approach to solving dynamic optimization problems is the main focus of our research effort. Legendre, Chebyshev and Sinc pseudospectral methods are at the core of solving nonsmooth dynamic optimization problems. The research efforts are conducted in our four laboratories.

Two reusable software packages have been developed by Control and Optimization Laboratories faculty. DIDO is the implementation of a pseudospectral method for solving optimal control problems. It is based on a one-of-a-kind method that provides automatic "adjoint sensitivities" or covector information for complex nonsmooth problems. Differential geometric methods (differential flatness, dynamic inversion etc.) for nonlinear control systems are explored by way of pseudospectral methods. 
ACAPS is another software developed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the preliminary design of interplanetary aeroassisted missions. It has also been used by Raytheon to support JPL missions.

Our current research projects include application of our recently developed optimal nonlinear feedback technique to various systems.

Pseudospectral Optimal Control
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