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The following list includes a variety of resources pertaining to Human Rights in Afghanistan. Some items are links to external websites and reports our program finds helpful in analyzing Human Rights in Afghanistan.



Amnesty International country overview.


Afghanistan Analysts Network

An independent non-profit research organization with policy expertise in the region.


Afghanistan National Development Strategy

Strategy for security, governance, economic growth and poverty reduction.


Freedom House - Afghanistan Country Profile

An independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.


2007 Human Development Report

The Center for Policy and Human Development report explores the importance of the rule of law to human development.


2015/2016 Human Rights Report

Amnesty International report, Afghanistan pg. 60-63.


Insight on Conflict

A published work by Peace Direct, Insight on Conflict lists peacebuilding organizations in Afghanistan.



The United Nations Children Fund page on Afghanistan.



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