Vol. 4, Issue 1 - Title

Volume 4, Issue 1

Spring 2010

Vol. 4, Issue 1 - Content

We are pleased to present you with an engaging selection of new articles on several timely and important topics: COIN: Theory & Practice; The Iraq Invasion, Seven Years Later; Diplomacy & Tribal Politics; Book Reviews & Author Interview; and CCS in the News.

In this edition of the Review, we are once again very proud to present a diverse set of new articles, as well as to devote some attention to ongoing events in Iraq, as this month marks the seventh year since the U.S. led Coalition invaded Iraq and overthrew the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

Several other regions of interest are examined as well – from the rich tribal mosaic of South Asia to the Tibetan homeland in the high Himalaya to the enduring indigenous societies of the Americas – in articles as well as in reviews of newly published books addressing the fundamental interconnection of culture and conflict.

As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and articles for future editions. This quarter’s articles include the following:

COIN: Theory & Practice

  • Ridicule as a Tool for IO/PSYOPS in Afghanistan by Michael Cohn and Paul Sims
  • Understanding the Problem in Afghanistan: A Plan for Stability by Nathan A. Minami
  • Revisiting COIN in Basra by Glen Segell
  • What Would Caesar Say? Modern Warfare through Classical Eyes by James Spencer

The Iraq Invasion, Seven Years Later: Rebuilding Iraq, Rethinking Iran

  • The Political Economy of Iraq's Growing Oil Power: A Crucial Phase by Sabri Zire Al-Saadi
  • WMD Intelligence Analysis of Lessons from Iraw to Iran: Only dot the I's—don't cross the T's by Glen Segell
  • International Economic Influence on Iranian Behavior: An Analysis by Lt Col. Robert S. Renfro and David A. Anderson

Diplomacy & Tribal Politics

  • Cold Snap: Hillary, Ottawa, and the Inuit by Barry Zellin

Book Reviews & Author Interview

  • Author Interview & Book Review: Surviving the Dragon: A Tibetan Lama's Account of 40 Years Under Chinese Rule by Arjia Rinpoche
  • Book Review: Peoples of the Earth: Ethnonationalism, Democracy, and the Indigenous Challenge in 'Latin' America by Martin Edwin Andersen
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