Permanent Military Professor Program

The PMP program was created in 1997 to establish a cadre of career naval officers in the grades of captain and commander, with both doctoral degrees and extensive operational experience, who would instruct at one of the Navy's education institutions until statutory retirement.

The application for this year's cycle closes on 1 Jun 2021!!  Additional details are below.

About PMPs at NPS

There are 57 total PMPs spread across USNA, NPS and NWC. At NPS, PMPs teach at the graduate level and maintain relevant research
programs supporting DON priorities.

See below for more information.

The Program

The PMP program is described by OPNAVINST 1520.40B. General information on eligibility, service requirement, and application procedures can be found there.


The PMP Selection Board

Specific requirements for each school and additional eligibility requirements for this year's PMP selection board can be found on the Navy Personnel Command website.