About Us


Mission of the Edge Center

The Edge Center was established officially in 2004, through anchor funding by the US Assistant Secretary of Defense (NII), to lead and conduct innovative research in what the Military terms command and control (C2). Much broader than just military organizations, our research applies very generally to the organization, management and technological integration of all collectivities (e.g., military, government, business, non-profit) in which participants share at least partially aligned goals. We focus on advancing the state of the art and the state of the practice through the integration of theoretical and applied work--conceptual and technical, from the social and physical sciences alike--and we embrace the whole research cycle: from conceptualization and modeling, through design and analysis--including prototyping and discovery through computational, laboratory and field experimentation--to operational implementation and refinement. 
The term edge derives from Alberts and Hayes (2003), who advocate increasing organization power (i.e., the capability to accomplish intended actions) by enhancing the flows of knowledge, information and authority from the "centers" of organizations to their "edges." Using this metaphor, center refers principally to the Strategic Apex, and edge refers principally to where organization participants interact directly with their environments (e.g., where salespeople interact with customers, where elected officials interact with constituents, where military warriors engage in battle). The concept clearly involves more than simply realigning organization charts and reallocating decision rights; people at the edges of organizations must know what to do, and how and when to do it well with others, to accomplish organizational goals.

Participants in the Edge Center

Research associated with the Edge Center is multidisciplinary, innovation-oriented, and reaches well beyond the NPS, involving a world-class team of faculty, postdocs and PhD students from multiple, top universities around the world. A partial list of key participants follows.

Naval Postgraduate School Participants

  • Frank Barrett, PhD, School of Business & Public Policy
  • John Dillard, Colonel (Ret), School of Business & Public Policy
  • Thomas Lucas, PhD, School of Operational & Information Sciences
  • Mark Nissen, PhD, Edge Center/School of Operational & Information Sciences
  • Edward Powley, PhD, School of Business & Public Policy
  • Susan Sanchez, PhD, School of Operational & Information Sciences

Other University Participants

  • Academia Militar
    Fernando Freire, Colonel, Operational Research/Decision Management and Theory
    Marco Manso, MSE, Edisoft Corporation
  • George Mason University
    M. Layne Kalbfleisch, PhD, KIDLab
  • Hoover Institution
    Katya Drozdova, PhD, Research Associate
  • Johns Hopkins University
    Jay Liebowitz, PhD, Carey Business School
  • Loyalist College
    Ken Hudson, Virtual World Design Centre
  • Parity Corporation
    Mary Ruddy, MSIS, ELICIT
  • Purdue University
    Hong Wan, PhD, School of Industrial Engineering
  • Referentia Corporation
    Adam Forsyth, PhD, Technical Staff
  • Stanford University
    Raymond Levitt, PhD, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Ryan Orr, PhD, Center for Research on Global Projects
    Marc Ramsey, Center for Research on Global Projects
    W. Richard Scott, PhD, Department of Sociology (Emeritus)
  • Universit√§t der Bundeswehr M√ľnchen
    Petra Eggenhofer, PhD, Institute of Technology of Intelligent Systems
    Reiner Huber, PhD, Institute of Technology of Intelligent Systems (Emeritus)
  • University of California at Irvine
    Walt Scacchi, PhD, Institute for Software Research
  • University of Kentucky
    Clyde Holsapple, PhD, School of Management
  • University of Southern California
    Clayton Morrison, PhD, Information Sciences Institute
    Yan Jin, PhD, School of Engineering
  • University of Washington
    Kevin Desouza, PhD, School of Information
    Sumit Roy, PhD, School of Engineering
  • US Army Research Laboratory
    Elizabeth Bowman
    Kevin Chan, PhD
  • US Office of the Secretary of Defense
    David Alberts, PhD, Networks & Information Integration/Command & Control Research Program
    Alenka Brown, PhD, Networks & Information Integration/Defense Threat Reduction Agency