This consortium is a gathering of faculty from across NPS who want to collaborate in order to improve the value of their research and teaching in intelligent systems. This is a group of equals, not a hierarchical organization.


CISER promotes the advancement of intelligent systems and analytics through education, research, and innovation adoption to prepare the Navy to operate in Multi-Domain Operations where intelligent systems will predominate.


The consortium fuses the long traditions of NPS in artificial intelligence (AI), computer science, operations research, data science, modeling, and simulation. CISER also provides a DoD-wide community of interest to exchange education products and research results.





  • Enhance existing and develop new curricula, certificates, courses, and workshops in intelligent systems that inculcate AI and data science literacy at a level appropriate for each audience.
  • Deliver these offerings through combinations of resident and online programs.
  • Emphasize experiential learning that teams students, faculty, and industry partners working jointly on naval problems. They respond rapidly to threats and opportunities posed by emerging technologies and world developments.


  • Develop and apply intelligent systems to a range of Navy mission areas, including intelligence, logistics, cyber, test and evaluation, force health and personnel data, and operational decision making.
  • Offer a core research program to engage faculty and students in investigating questions of high interest to the group’s sponsors.
CISER-About-Innovation Adoption

Innovation Adoption

Promote the adoption of innovations of intelligent systems in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. 

Teach the skills needed for innovation adoption through a four-course Innovation Certificate.

Coach students and graduates as they lead innovation adoption projects.