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AI for Military Use Certificate

Starts March 2021 - Distance Learning Web-Based 


CISER-AI Certificate- Harnessing AI

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

This course cuts through AI hype by exposing the base principles of AI.  Although we currently have no intelligent machines, we do have six varieties of machines that can rapidly learn to do complex human tasks.  These machines have produced significant advances and vulnerabilities in important domains such as vision, robotics, natural language processing, and cyber security. 

CISER-AI Certificate-Basics of Applied AI

Basics of Applied Artificial Intelligence 

Students will gain an understanding of core artificial intelligence concepts underlying a variety of systems including automated reasoning and expert systems, natural language processing, wargame simulations, robot mission planning. 

CISER-Education-Academic Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Military and Government

Applied Machine Learning

Survey of machine-learning techniques of artificial intelligence with a particular focus on military and government applications.  Topics include types of machine learning, training and testing of machine learning, data preparation, decision trees, Bayesian reasoning, linear models, neural networks, case-based reasoning, and reinforcement learning.  Each method will be related to important military and government applications. 

CISER-AI Certificate-Topics in Modern Artificial Intelligence  4-0 (Summer)

Topics in Modern Artificial Intelligence

This course covers the practical use of AI technologies in solving problems within enterprises. Starting from a view of what problems are well solved with data-driven analysis, the course covers modern methods (including deep neural networks) and a host of practical issues that users of these technologies should be aware of.

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