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Brij Agrawal
Distinguished Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1970
(831) 656-3338
Research Interests: Acquisition, tracking and pointing of flexible spacecraft with optical payloads, High Energy Laser beam control, Active vibration control, isolation and suppression, Adaptive optics and optical beam jitter control, Advanced control and wavefront sensor techniques Teaching Interests: Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing of Military Spacecraft, Spacecraft Design, Smart Structures, Spacecraft Attitude Control, Spacecraft Design and Testing

Carl Albing
Research Professor
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
Operations Research

Aruna Apte
Associate Professor
Operations and Logistics Management
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
(831) 656-7583
Developing mathematical models and algorithms for complex real world operational problems, specifically in Humanitarian Logistics, Military Logistics, Mathematical Modeling, Operations Management, Humanitarian Logistics

Uday Apte
Distinguished Professor
Decision Science
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
(831) 656-3598
Managing Service Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Globalization of Information, Intensive Services, Technology Management, Operations Management, Management Science, Managing Service Operations, Managing Global Operations, Supply Chain Management, Managing Manufacturing Automation

Susan Aros
Assistant Professor of Operations Management
Graduate School of Defense Management
Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin 2006
(831) 601-1303
Susan Aros joined NPS in 2006, after earning her PhD in Information, Risk, and Operations Management from the University of Texas at Austin. She also holds an MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Biola University, and an MEng in Operations Research and BA in Psychology, both from Cornell University. She has published in various peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and has had industry experience with Kraft Food and applied research projects with Dell, the Navy’s FRCSW, the DLA, the JIFCO, and the Army’s TRADOC. Her research crosses multiple topic areas including peace support operation, disaster operations, inter-organizational communication, production planning and scheduling, and RFID use in remanufacturing, Her research also crosses several methodology areas including agent-based simulation, discrete-event simulation, and mixed integer programming.

John Arquilla
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
(831) 656-3450
Revolution in Military Affairs, Information-Age Conflict, Irregular Warfare, Revolution in Military Affairs, Information-Age Conflict, Irregular Warfare

Albert Barreto III
Manager, Virtualization and Cloud Computing Lab and Lecturer
Information Sciences
Masters of Information Technology Management, Naval Postgraduate School, 2011
  Research Interests:  Virtualization Technologies and Cloud Computing, Wireless Networking and Thin and Zero Client Devices, Alternative Power and Efficient Computing, My current thesis work is on Floating Points Per Second (FLOPS) over Kilowatt Hour (kWh) in past and current Virtual Systems, starting with the IBM System 370 and examining presumed gains in efficiency of our modern virtualized systems compared to the earlier main frame model.

Robert Bassett
Assistant Professor
Operations Research
Ph.D., University of California Davis, 2018
  Research and Teaching Interests: Statistics and Optimization; Online Optimization; Nonparametric Statistics; Penalized & Constrained Estimation; Estimation and Signal Processing on Networks; Variational Analysis; Applications to Statistics; Applications to Cyber and Infrastructure Defense

Brian Bingham
Associate Professor
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
(831) 200-6360
Unmanned marine systems, Autonomy, Underwater navigation, Dynamic systems and control, Robotics, Engineering computing, Instrumentation and mechatronics

Dan Boger
Information Sciences
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
(831) 656-3671
Management Science, Econometrics

Raymond Buettner
Associate Professor
Information Sciences
(831) 656-3387
Research Interests Computational Modeling of Social and Organizational Systems Strategic Communications and Information Operations Systems Engineering Communal Knowledge Systems Robotic & Autonomous Systems Man-machine teaming Teaching Interests Computational Modeling of Social and Organizational Systems Strategic Communications and Information Operations Systems Engineering Communal Knowledge Systems Awards   Outstanding Research Achievement Award, Naval Postgraduate School Truman Scholar William E. Mize Leadership Award

Samuel Buttrey
Associate Professor
Operational Research
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1996
(831) 656-3035
Scholarly Work Publications Book Chapters Guttieri, K., Blais, C. L., Shearer, R., & Buttrey, S. E, (2013). Recognizing Patterns of Anomie that Set the Conditions for Insurgency. Boca Raton, FL CRC Press.

Chris Darken
Associate Professor
Computer Science
(831) 656-2095
Research Interests Artificial intelligence Machine learning Natural language processing Virtual people Teaching Interests Artificial intelligence Modeling and simulation

Duane Davis
Research Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
(831) 656-2239
Research Interests Robotic Swarms and Cooperative Multi-Vehicle Systems Ethics in Autonomous and Unmanned Systems Cyber Physical Systems Robot Control Architectures Real-Time Task Decomposition and Planning Physically-Based Simulation Knowledge Representation and Ontologies Teaching Interests Advanced Robotic Systems Cyber Systems and Operations Cyber Mission Planning Cyber Policy and Strategy Computer Security Computer Programming

Robert F. Dell
Executive Director of DSAG, Professor
Acting Provost and Academic Dean
Ph.D., SUNY/Buffalo, 1990
  Research Interests:  Optimization and its applications; all things Data Science.

Peter Denning
Distinguished Professor
Computer Science
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1968
  Teaching interests:  Principles of Computing, Operating Systems, Technology and Innovation, Innovation, Emergence, and Communication, Modeling, and Design Research Interests:  Innovation Principles, Great Principles of Computing, Operating Systems, Performance Modeling, Workflow Management, High Performance Computing, Security, Data Science, and Computing Education

Vladimir Dobrokhodov
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
(831) 656-7714
Research Interests Flight Mechanics and Trajectory Optimization Real Time Embedded Flight Control Systems Guidance, Navigation and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Integration of Vision into Guidance and Control Cooperative Control and Combat Maneuvering of Multi-Vehicle Formations, Combat Effectiveness Applied Nonlinear control, Adaptive Control Optimal Control Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems Multidimensional Vector Optimization and Systems Identification Teaching Interests Flight Mechanics Flight Dynamics and Control Classical and Modern Control Modeling and Simulation Numerical Methods and Digital Computations Operations Research and Applied Optimization

Eric Eckstrand
Research Associate
M.S., NPS,

Shelley Gallup
Associate Research Professor
Information Sciences
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
(831) 392-6964
Research Interests Knowledge systems Organization development Research methods applied to complex systems

Arkady Alexander Godin
Research Associate
Information Sciences
(831) 224-5699
Mr. Arkady Godin has been working in the commercial R&D information companies between March 1983 and December 2006. He has been with MITRE, Bedford, MA between December 2006 and March 2010. Mr. Arkady Godin joined NPS, Information Sciences Department, on March 29, 2010. Research Interests: Mr. Arkady Godin has been conducting his research in the area of Big Data. In addition to concentration on Big Data Management infrastructure, including scalability and performance, Mr. Arkady Godin is working on the Knowledge Base focused on hyper-graph Knowledge Representation which includes integration with ontologies. The final goal is to improve Information Warfare by extracting Valuable Information at the Right Time (known as VIRT).

Britta Hale
Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Computer Science
Ph.D., Norwegian University Of Science And Technology, NTNU 2017
(831) 656-3316
Research Interests:  Theoretical and Applied Cryptography, Cryptographic Protocols, Post-Quantum Security, Security for Machine Learning Applications, Mathematics of Communications, Security "Healing" and Post Key-Compromise Guarantees, Multi-party Key Exchange (part of the IETF MLS standardization effort)

Joshua A. Kroll
Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Ph.D., Princeton, 2015
Research Interests:  Technology and governance; accountable algorithms; reliability for data science tools, methods and products; accountable algorithms; cryptography; software security; formal methods; and technology policy.  

Tom Lucas
Operations Research
Ph.D., University of California at Riverside, 1991
  Teaching and Research Interests:  Robust Statistical Methodology, Defense and Security Modeling, High-dimensional Design of Experiments

Susan Sanchez
Operations Research
Ph.D., Cornell University, 1986
  Teaching Interests:  Simulation analysis and statistics Research Interests:  Design of experiments, data-intensive statistics, and robust selection, with applications to simulation experiments, military operations, manufacturing, and health care.

Jim Scrofani
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D., Naval Postgraduate School, 2005
  Teaching interests:  Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Multisensor Data Fusion Research interests:  Remote Sensing, Multirate Signal Processing, Multisensor Data Fusion, Remote Sensing

Man-Tak Shing
Associate Professor
Computer Science
Ph.D., University of California, 1981
  Research Interests:  Specification, validation and run-time monitoring of temporal assertions, Real-time and Distributed System Modeling and Design, Service Oriented Architectures, Cloud Computing