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A non-traditional way to collectively get after integrating AI/ML into our systems and processes.

The Coalition of the Willing grew out of an interest among several Navy and Marine Officers to get moving with the implementation of promising AI/ML technologies.  They wanted to help their services but were not sure how to do so.  The group grew in number and diversity with members from across the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Navy, Marine Corps, academia, and industry.  They collectively examined and discussed topics of mutual interest, made personal and organizational relationships, and made commitments to fill knowledge gaps not covered in the official guiding documents.  The group meets weekly.  You can join with the links provided below.

Statement of Intent and Rules of Engagement:

The Naval AI/ML Coalition of the Willing (CoW) is an informal gathering of professionals across the Navy, Marine Corps, other services, the DoD, academia, industry, and elsewhere that share a common interest in AI/JML and a commitment to lend a hand in moving promising technologies into adoption in their services.

The CoW:

  • has no boss, legitimacy, charter, or tasking authority. We do have a logo though!
  • is not intended to compete with any other organization that does have legitimacy or charter.
  • is open to all. Diversity of experience is sought and diversity of thought is encouraged.
  • is voluntary. Members come and go depending on their interest in the topic of the week.
  • considers its members as individuals, not organizational representatives.
  • is a round-table. Everyone has an equal voice regardless of rank, position, or organizational affiliation.
  • collectively commits to produce things of use to the group via members self-tasking.
  • shares the spotlight, and the burden, of presenting topics.
  • is not a sewing-circle or BOGSAT. Members volunteer to produce documents and test prototypes
  • there is a plan – a 90-day schedule for presentations and production that is guided by
  • will only last as long as its members find it useful. The intent is to work ourselves out of
  • passing products to the proper organizations or integrating our ideas into existing service processes.

Col. Randy Pugh, USMC,
Senior Marine Corps Representative
Associate Dean of Research
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 93943



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