Research Areas

Research Areas

CMIS is currently focusing on the following thrust areas in one- and in multi-domain (maritime, land, air, space, and cyber) environments:

  • Orchestrated resource management translates the current situation into coordinated tasks to collect information from multiple sources that are estimated to be of the highest intelligence value. CMIS has been investigating how machine learning algorithms can be used to cue sensors and how to achieve optimal dynamic sensor adaptation.
  • Object Detection employs machine learned and expert-learned models to detect object (signals, physical entities, etc.). CMIS has applied convolutional neural networks, and other matched filter detectors for imagery and signals.
  • Situation Detection reasons about evidence and allows for computational models of situations and activities to be built for physical and nonphysical target systems that help with situation awareness and decision making. Distributed Fusion Architecture enables automated global collection that adapts to threat environment.

                   Source: US. Air Force 

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