Micro/Nanofabrication Info

Cleanroom Capabilities


Cleanroom at NPS is a versatile facility featuring many MEMS and carbon nanotube processes. The processes include deposition of thin metal films, silicon-based films via PECVD and carbon nanotubes, plasma etching of Si-based semiconductor and dielectric films, wet etching of metals, semiconductor or dielectric films, film thicknesses and stress characterization. We also have photolithographic capabilities with a contact aligner. Backside alignment is coming soon.


Oxford Plasmalab Systems 100


A plasma etching system designed deposit and etch silicon based thin films. It uses PECVD process to deposit silicon, silicon dioxide or silicon nitride thin films. It is able to dry-etch silicon-based semiconductor or dielectric films using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and BOSCH processes for bulk etching of silicon.


Sirus T2 Reactive Ion Etcher


A basic plasma etching system designed to etch dielectrics and other films that require fluorine-based chemistries. The small footprint and robust design make it ideal for the lab environment.


Angstrom Covap


A resistive thermal evaporation system capable of deposition of up to two metal films at a time (upgradable to 4).

Resistive evaporation is a commonly used vacuum deposition process in which electrical energy is used to heat a filament which in turn heats a deposition material to the point of evaporation. The process can be performed at very high levels of vacuum allowing for a long mean free path and therefore fewer tendencies to introduce film impurities. High deposition rates can be achieved and lower energy particles can reduce substrate damage.

Angstrom Engineering has developed thin film deposition systems based on this technique which can deposit a wide range of materials including metals, organic, and inorganic polymers. The process can be controlled using quartz rate sensor, temperature, or optical monitoring systems to ensure consistent high-quality results.


First Nano's EasyTubeTM


EasyTube™ 2000 System is an advanced turnkey thermal catalytic chemical vapor deposition process tool for the synthesis of a wide variety of nanostructured materials. The system is optimized for controlled process development and user safety.

EasyTube™ 2000 is easy to use with PC controlled recipe driven software that automatically acquires and logs data for verifiable repeatability.

The graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to logically access preprogrammed recipes, modify and/or create recipes and view real time execution data.


The Cee® 200X Precision Spin Coaster


Delivers track-quality performance for photoresist, thin film, or other process chemical coating applications. Fully programmable and user-friendly, the Cee® 200X features the accuracy and repeatability needed to eliminate processing variability from photoresist and thin film deposition processes. With its convenient compact footprint, chemical compatibility, and durability, this easy-to-use benchtop system will provide years of high-performance spin coating, making the Cee® 200X purchase a smart and cost-effective decision for applying coatings to substrates up to 200 mm round or 7" square.


EVG 620 Contact Aligner

Contact aligner image

Versatile comprehensive contact aligner. It can be easily reconfigured for handling 2", 4" and 6" wafers. Capable of a wide range of recipes and both frontside and backside alignment. 


Canon PLA 501S Contact Aligner


A durable contact top-side aligner capable of handling 5 inch masks and 4 inch wafers.