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The Department of Defense Analysis is home to the CORE (Common Operational Research Environment) Lab. CORE was established at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in 2007 with the mission to support U.S. and International field operatives in the analytical craft of integrating geospatial, cultural, relational, and temporal data.

This is our practioner’s page, which contains a curated set of resources that we have developed for practioners and field operators. Our organizational site with further information on who we are can be found here.



Application to search, explore, and analyze social media data efficiently. Read more here. 

R Learning Materials

This learning sequence is centered around learning how to ingest, manipulate, analyze, and communicate data and results using the R programming language. The intended audience for these modules is law enforcement, DoD, and DHS practitioners seeking to expand their analytic capabilities. Read more here. 

SNA for LE

SNA is a collection of theories and methods that focuses on relationships among individuals. It assumes that the behavior of people is profoundly affected by their ties to others and to the networks in which they are embedded. Consequently, a primary goal of SNA has been to develop concepts, measures, and statistical and mathematical tools that can help analysts gain a better understanding of networks. It has proven an effective tool to understand a host of offline and online networks, including tribal networks overseas, dark networks (e.g., criminal, and terrorist), and social media networks (e.g., Twitter networks). Read more here.

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