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Light Management

Light Management

Light is vital to the regulation of the 24-hour biological clock found in all living creatures. In humans, high-energy visible (HEV) light synchronizes the circadian system and suppresses the release of melatonin during the biological day.

For night shift workers, reducing light exposure prior to sleep is important. Light from the sun, artificial lighting, and light from electronic devices can play havoc with circadian rhythms and interfere with healthy sleep. These interferences are common for US Navy personnel, resulting in reduced sleep, elevated levels of fatigue, impaired performance, and altered mood.

Innovations that allow personnel to control or manage their light exposure – either throughpersonal or ambient light management devices – could potentially result in improved circadian entrainment, better sleep, less fatigue, and enhanced warfighter readiness.

  • Current Status: Significant progress with procurement of multiple light sources including patented delivery systems.
  • Planned: Install HEV emitting light systems on DDG and CSS-1 submarine in early 2020. 

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The Crew Endurance Team is available for the following missions support services:

  • Help in structuring work and rest schedules both underway and in port
  • Education and training to promote healthy sleep habits for leadership and individual Sailors
  • Evaluation of your current watchbill
  • Assessment of new watchbills prior to implementation
  • Measuring fatigue levels for you and your crew
  • Uncovering sleep-related habitability issues that contribute to poor sleep