CE - Team - Matsangas Bio

Panagiotis Matsangas, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Operations Research
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences


Phone: (831) 656-3481

Dr. Matsangas is a retired Commander of the Hellenic Navy. He received his Ph.D. in Modeling and Simulation and M.Sc. in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School. Since 2004, Dr. Matsangas has participated in projects for the Department of the Navy, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Office of Naval Research, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the Naval Advanced Medical Development (NAMD) Program Office, the US Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard.


Dr. Matsangas’ research interests are in the fields of human performance spanning four distinct, but related areas, i.e., the assessment and optimization of human performance as a critical component of system performance, modeling and simulation methods to assess system performance, testing and evaluating different devices to collect field data from humans in operational environments and clinical settings, and performance-related sleep disorders.