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Title: Crew Endurance Training Program for the US Navy
Sponsor: Naval Medical Research Center – Advanced Medical Development Program
Description: This project is developing a fleet-specific sleep management training program that can be delivered as an instructor-led course but can evolve into online, computer-based modules.  The target audience for the training is watchstanding personnel and senior leadership and command personnel.  The outcome of the training program will be assessed with surveys administered to audiences who receive the training and fleet-wide feedback.


Title: Effects of blue light blocking glasses and high energy visible (HEV) light-emitting devices on circadian rhythm and operational performance in naval operations                            
Sponsor: Naval Medical Research Center – Advanced Medical Development Program            
Description:  This project investigates the usefulness and impact of HEV-blocking glasses and HEV-emitting devices on sleep and fatigue levels in the operational environment.  We will explore the use of these devices at specific intervals for varying lengths of time to facilitate circadian entrainment so that a Sailor’s biological circadian rhythm is aligned with their watchstanding schedule, reducing fatigue and increasing alertness.


Title: Reducing Sleep Inertia
Sponsor: Naval Medical Research Center – Advanced Medical Development Program
Description: This project will identify, test, and evaluate various sleep inertia countermeasures to ascertain potential solutions that could be applied in an operational setting.  Countermeasures will include stimulating multiple sensory modalities to include visual, auditory, olfactory and somatosensory systems.  Recommendations to reduce the effects of sleep inertia will be provided to leadership based on study results.


Title: Analysis of Circadian-based Watchstanding Schedules II
Sponsor: Naval Medical Research Center – Advanced Medical Development Program
Description:  This project will assess circadian watchbills on multiple types of ships and during different phases of readiness (e.g., basic phase, intermediate phase, advanced phase) to provide e a thorough comparison of various watchstanding schedules.  In addition, it will identify problems and potential solutions for the effective implementation of circadian watchbills  Providing refined recommendations will assist leadership as they make decisions on how best to implement circadian based watchbills. 


Title: Development of an Improved Navy-Specific Stress Inoculation Training Program 
Sponsor: Naval Medical Research Center – Advanced Medical Development Program
Period of Performance: November 15, 2018 – September 30, 2022
Description: This project will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) methods in Naval training facilities by collecting subjective, physiological, and performance data in controlled conditions and operational training environments.  Various stress induction methods and stress mitigation countermeasures will be evaluated for their effectiveness in improving performance and operational viability.  Based on study findings, recommendations will be made regarding the improvement of current SIT programs and the implementation of new SIT programs in Naval training programs.


Title: Test and Evaluation of a SWOS-Specific Stress Inoculation Training Program
Sponsor: Surface Warfare Officers School
Description: This project aims to improve the performance and resilience of Surface Warfare Officers under high-stress conditions by implementing new or improving existing Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) programs.  In addition, training designed to help students cope with and mitigate stress is being developed to prepare students for high-stress environments such as those that may be encountered in the current operational environment. 


Title: Understanding Motivational Factors of Problematic Video Gaming in the USMC
Sponsor: Naval Research Program OPNAV N1 and HQMC Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA)
Description: This project will assess the prevalence of problematic video gaming in the US Marine Corps and US Navy.  Using a hybrid research approach of surveys and focus groups, we will focus on assessing the prevalence and severity of playing video games, identify the factors associated with this activity, address whether Marines are using gaming as a maladaptive coping mechanism, and provide appropriate recommendations.

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