CE - Team - Rock Bio

Megan Rock

Finance Director
Operations Research
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences


Phone: (619) 920-7781

Megan Rock received a BBA in Economics from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Megan worked in human resources, finance and public relations before joining the Computer Science Department at Naval Postgraduate School in 2006, where she supported the Scholarship for Service Program and distance learning cybersecurity certificate programs.  In 2008 Megan transitioned to the Operations Research department and became the Financial Director for the Crew Endurance Team.   In addition, she assists the Crew Endurance Team with data collection efforts and outreach projects for both the Navy and Marine Corp.  As the daughter of a Naval Aviator and wife of an Engineering Duty Officer, Megan is passionate about supporting research that improves the health, crew endurance, and safety of sailors.