Special Events

CRUSER activities are driven by the demand signal of our Community of Interest, and to be most responsive to this dynamic environment we often hold seminars and moderate panel discussions on current topics of interest, and showcase our campus research for special interest groups visiting Monterey.


xSwarm March 25-26, 2020


CRUSER invites you to participate in the first annual xSwarm Workshop on March 25 & 26th 2020, in Monterey, California.

xSwarm 2020 is an exploratory workshop for discussing the challenges of "black box" swarms or—xSwarms—large groups of agents for which there is a lack of a priori information about the internal control and decision-making mechanisms and only partial information about the system's perceptual and communication capabilities. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers across diverse fields to provoke sharing of research, discussion, and brainstorming for the development of new tools for understanding xSwarms.

Attendees will have the opportunity to present relevant research, suggest areas of inquiry to the community, and lead or participate in panel discussions.

For more details and contact info, please email xswarm@nps.edu.



Past Special Events


CRUSER Seminar--16 April 2019: Dr. William F. Bundy, Naval War College

You may view Prof. Bundy's April 2019 CRUSER Seminar here.


Prof BundyDr. William F. Bundy 

Associate Provost for Warfighting Research and Development

U.S. Naval War College, Newport Rhode Island


ABSTRACT: Byron Reese offers a description of our entry into the Fourth Age of Technological Evolution. That social evolution is driven by the increasing adoption of smart robots, “thinking” computers and a society that has come to depend on and demand ever improving technologies. The accelerating adoption of technology is causing multiple revolutions in social, business and military affairs. According to Reese, “Technology has changed the face of warfare dozens of times in the past few thousand years…Robots and AI will change it again”.

In our seminar, we ask ourselves how will the defense establishment deliver sensors, control systems and weapons that are evolving on an accelerating basis. How will warfighters keep pace with “smarter – thinking” systems that communicate in natural language and hold deeper knowledge sets than human operators. Rather than years of development and testing, evolving systems and components are delivered to warfighters in “Amazon” speed, inserted in standard slots and launchers with “quick start” instructions, intuitive controls and natural language operation. Imagine receiving your new fire control processor in a box with a link to online installation instructions. Impossible. Well, we adopted online banking without formal training and operate smarter cars with voice commands.  Imagine commanding ship or fleet operations from a command center where battle management displays, video images and decision makers are informed by augmented reality and recommendations provided by – OSCAR, the voice of the battle management system. We’ll explore the art of the possible with a view toward warfare in the Fourth Age.

BIO: Dr. Bundy served in the Navy for more than 30 years prior to returning to the Naval War College as a Center for Naval Warfare Studies (CNWS) faculty member. He has led warfighting concept development and advanced research projects that have been deployed in the Fleet and the Joint Force. Dr. Bundy created the initial concept of operations for Navy Ballistic Missile Defense, warfighting concepts for the Ohio Class Guided Missile Submarine and recently contributed to introduction of Distributed Lethality in the Navy. He has mentored more than 330 war college graduate research students.