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Warfare Innovation Continuum (WIC) Workshop 2018

Cross-Domain Operations: The impact of Robotics and Autonomy on the future battlespace

17-20 September 2018, Naval Postgraduate School

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This CRUSER sponsored Warfare Innovation Continuum (WIC) Workshop occurred 17-20 September 2018 as a Naval Postgraduate School Thesis & Research Week activity to apply emerging technologies to shape the way we fight.

Workshop: Given the design challenge "How might emerging technologies enhance cross-domain operations?" small teams of junior officers from NPS and the fleet, and early career engineers from Navy labs, academia and industry proposed technologies and employment concepts in scenario based discussions. Teams briefed their best concepts to sponsors, industry executives, and senior officers on the final morning of the workshop, and these results were disseminated to fleet commands.

Selected concepts kicked off CRUSER's next Innovation Thread, and members of the CRUSER community of interest were invited to further develop these concepts in response to the FY19 Call for Proposals. Technical members of the CRUSER community of interest are to present proposals at a technical continuum gathering such as TechCon 2019 to test these selected concepts of interest in lab or field environments. A final report detailing process and outcomes will be released before the end of the 2019 calendar year to a vetted distribution list of leadership and community of interest members. Results of experimentation will be presented to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in the summer of 2020.