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Survivability and Lethality Research Group

The Survivability and Lethality Research Group research and education enterprise is the first interdisciplinary center dedicated to making the broad range of U.S. and allied military, homeland security and critical infrastructure platforms more survivable to attack and more lethal to hostile platforms and systems.

Twenty NPS faculty members from the departments of Mechanical and Astronautical Engineering (MAE), Physics, and Electrical Engineering participate in the research and education activities of the center. Read more on the About Us page.

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Goals of Survivability Discipline

The early identification and successful incorporation of specific survivability enhancement features that increase the combat cost effectiveness of various weapon systems. In circumstances where the damage will eventually lead to a kill, the survivability enhancement features should allow a graceful degradation of system capabilities, providing optimal survival conditions.


Industrial Consortium and Partners

The Center for Survivability and Lethality will include an industrial consortium through which the industry representatives can support its research efforts, take short courses and receive up-to-date publications and information in the field.

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