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Dr. Dennis Volpano
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
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Dr. Dennis Volpano




This area of interest talks about the definition of cyber agility, the key to good network recovery and what to be aware of in this situation.
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Being able to quickly restore network operation under changing conditions and in the face of cyber threats is key to staying ahead of the adversary. This capability is referred to as cyber agility.


Key to nimble network recovery is gaining leverage over network operation. Traditionally networks are managed at a low level, making recovery a challenge. With the right tools, we can manage them at a higher level, gaining leverage like that achieved over hardware with high-level programming languages. Good programming language design revolved around identifying appropriate high-level abstractions, which required understanding the objectives of programmers. The situation is almost identical for networks. The networking community is trying to understand the objectives of network managers, specifically, what constitutes network management. To traditional language designers, this looks like a familiar problem. It is solved by new abstractions for managing the network hardware directly. This is the standard view within industry, as evidenced by software-defined networking. However, the view is myopic. A different view of the problem can lead to even greater leverage for the Navy. Abstractions must be designed around managing network applications and the requirements of mission-critical flows, not hardware. Such abstractions can be translated into lower-level ones for hardware management so that the network ultimately realizes them. The focus of our research is designing appropriate abstractions and algorithms for their translation.


  • Decision making
  • Avoid technological (and other) surprise
  • Understanding networks
  • Cloud computing Navy
  • Security of data
  • Provenance of data
  • Discovery, trends, patterns, anomalies, prediction [Denning, P.J., What Games are Data Changing? 4 March 2014]