Title -NPS Data Science Certificate Program

NPS Data Science Certificate Programs 

Distance Learning (Curriculum 268); Resident (Curriculum 269)

The Goals of the Certificate Program

The goal of the certificate program is to provide education in the use of data science methods to gain insights from large, complex data sets.

Evaluate the concepts associated with managing large data sets, including cloud computing and split-merge distributed processing
Categorize and apply common algorithms for machine learning and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages
Apply standard tools to format and process data for machine-learning and data mining implementations
Evaluate the results of machine learning and data mining programs and propose ways to improve their utility in specific applications
Data Science Certificate Educational Skill Requiements

The eight data science certificate educational skills requirements are categorized as Basic Computation, Basic Statistics and Data Analysis, Large Data, Machine Learning, Assessment, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Practice.  Details below explain the interpretation of these skills.

Possess the mathematical and computer programming skills required to conduct data science projects, and be able to use computers to aid in data analytics.

The graduate will be well-versed in the fundamentals of statistics and data analysis for applications to machine learning and data mining problems.

The graduate will be able to identify, evaluate, and apply the concepts associated with managing large data sets, including cloud computing and split-merge distributed processing.

The graduate will know when and how to apply common machine learning tools, both supervised and unsupervised, and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

The graduate will be able to evaluate the results of machine learning algorithms, and propose ways to improve their performance and utility in specific applications.

The graduate will understand the use of the supervised methods of regression and classification, know when to implement them, and be able to apply basic and advanced techniques in appropriate settings including for large data sets.

The graduate will be aware of common unsupervised methods and be able to use them particularly for large data sets of high dimension.

The graduate will gain experience working on all aspects of a data science study, and demonstrate the ability to conduct independent analytical studies.

DS Cert Link or Contact

Please follow the link for further information about the NPS Data Science Certificate Program 

or contact Kevin J. Maher, JD.


Endorsements for the development of the Data Science Graduate Certificate Program at NPS:

  • J. Rothenhaus, Commanding Officer, Space and Naval Warefare Systems Center Pacific.  Read more...
  • R. Maybus, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy.   Read more...
  • Col. Tim Gillespie, Director, Integrated Intelligence System Program Office.  Read more...
NAVAIR Data Challenge
NAVAIR is looking for data challenge participants to translate data into a visual story with insights unique to NAVAIR Fleet Readiness. Select the icon to view NAVAIR Data Challenge Trifold:

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For Data Challenge Details

email NAVAIR_IBC@navy.mil

 For a short video about the NAVAIR Data Challenge at NPS, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YtGZ9kxmE4