Our Mission

Our Mission

To educate ourselves, to collaborate on research projects, and to develop new educational offers in data science.

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Accelerating information technology has brought us to the dawn of new machine age.  Information technology is now automating knowledge work, just as engine technology automated manual work over a century ago.  One of the hallmarks of the new era is the digitization of almost everything, resulting in massive data being stored.  The analysis of these data is sure to bring technology revolutions and many disruptions.   Data science is the study of methods of collection, storage, analysis, and interpretation of massive data.  Military operations are one of the domains being shaken up by massive data.


All military operations will be conducted in a data intensive environment heavily populated with knowledge robots that automate many decisions.   Cyber operations, both defensive and offensive, will be common.  Adversaries will use swarming and covert methods of attack and will rely on heavily concealed communication networks.  Geo-Political considerations will figure prominently in military objectives.  This environment will demand a very different kind of thinking and strategy from its senior officers.


At NPS, the Operations Research, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Meteorology, and Oceanography departments have long histories of research and education in data science.  MOVES and the CORE lab bring additional capabilities in data visualization and social network analysis.


The NPS Data Science group is a growing community of faculty who bring the cutting edge of research in data science to their classes, their research, and the thesis projects they work with their students.




Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

10 Sep 18 2018 NAVAIR Data Challenge (express challenge).  This year's theme is on using data analytics in support of acquisition program office composition.
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