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Defending Supply Chains: Resilinc and Naval Postgraduate School Partner to Advance Supply Chain Education and Research

Defending Supply Chains: Resilinc and Naval Postgraduate School Partner to Advance Supply Chain Education and Research

MILPITAS, CA, Aug. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resilinc, the world’s leading supply chain risk-monitoring, mapping and resiliency solution, is collaborating with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) to offer supply chain risk tools and instruction to students focusing on improving the resilience of Department of Defense supply chains.  

“We’re thrilled to offer our technology-based supply chain monitoring and mapping solutions, data offerings, and resiliency tools to a world-class institution like NPS,” said Resilinc’s VP of Government Affairs. “Through this partnership we look forward to DoD personnel developing a deeper understanding of some of today’s biggest DoD supply chain concerns and how to solve them with targeted adaptations of our already best-in-class solutions.”  

Resilinc is the latest industry member to partner with NPS following the signing of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between the two organizations. CRADAs allow U.S. government research facilities to engage in collaborative efforts with non-government entities. These types of cooperative efforts benefit the Department of Defense and industry leaders by providing opportunities to conduct joint research and learn from each other. 

Under the CRADA, Resilinc will provide NPS students with supply chain risk monitoring training, platform licenses, and data; NPS will design coursework, build case studies and research projects related to real-world events, and provide feedback to Resilinc on how to serve the DoD supply chain better.  

NPS students and staff will be able to use Resilinc’s commercially available monitoring, mapping, and supplier risk assessment tools including: EventWatchAI, Multi-Tier Mapping, and RiskShield, to assess both actual and notional events to determine how they will impact supply chains across all tiers. This training will prepare students that will return to the acquisition workforce with a better understanding of how they can proactively improve supply chains and plan for rapid reactive execution to maximize supply chain resilience. 

“We are so excited to explore the state-of-the-art in supply chain visibility tech and to collaborate with Resilinc on new ways to analyze supplier data to develop advanced plans to increase our immunity towards future supply chain disruptions,” says Lt. Col. Daniel J Finkenstadt of NPS. “COVID taught us that much of the world, public and private, suffers from too little visibility into their supply chains. Further, so-called “black swan” events tend to be less about truly unexpected events and more to do with a lack of supply chain visibility and risk imagination. This partnership will help us get after those issues and build advanced supply chain and procurement professionals who can better prepare us for the post-pandemic world. “ 

As the supply chain challenges presented by the global pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war have shown, global diversification and horizontal integration have opened the world as we know it to intense supply chain challenges. This partnership will provide students with better preparation for the complex supply chain challenges that must be overcome to assure that the Armed Forces are provided with the best capabilities and critical supplies now and in the future. 

About Resilinc 

Resilinc was founded with the purpose of strengthening global supply chains, making them resilient, ethical, transparent, and secure. We do this via our technology-driven solutions which create an ecosystem where organizations have unmatched visibility into their supply networks and can collaborate with their suppliers in a transparent environment. 

Since our launch in 2010 Resilinc has defined the supply chain mapping, monitoring, and resiliency space and is widely considered the gold standard for supply chain resiliency, worldwide. With 95% of the global supply chain mapped across the industries we serve, we are the first line of defense for our customers, helping them navigate supply disruptions. Our early- warning alert system monitors and predicts potential disruptions across suppliers, sites, and materials; our platform enables them to collaborate closely with their suppliers; our historical data-backed insights give them options on appropriate actions to take. Always innovating, our AI-powered predictive solutions can predict delivery delays, price movements, and supply constraints for raw materials and commodities before they happen. Resilinc helps our customers protect revenue and turn supply chain risks into opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Learn more at

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