Faculty and student research is supported by and coordinated through several research programs both within the Department of Defense Management and in the larger research ecosystem at the Naval Postgraduate School.

DDM Research Programs

Acquisition Research Program

The Acquisition Research Program (ARP) provides applied research in acquisition sciences, hones the professional education of the next generation of defense acquisition innovators, and forges connections with acquisition thought leaders -- enhancing the operational effectiveness of the U.S. Naval and Joint Forces.

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Conrad Scholars

The Conrad Scholar Program's objective is to enhance professional development opportunities for students and faculty, and conduct and direct research supportive of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) in areas of resource management. Up to four top Financial Management M.B.A. students per graduating class are identified as potential Conrad Scholars and cleared to complete their theses. Thesis topics are selected to address issues of importance to the Defense Department's financial management community and are approved by the program sponsor, the Director of the Office of Budget (FMB). The students brief their theses to the FMB and other interested members of the Operational Navy (OPNAV), Headquarters, Marine Corps (HQMC) and Secretariat staffs. 

If Conrad Scholars have their essays published, it provides excellent exposure for their research. Numerous requests for copies of Conrad Scholar theses have resulted in extending the reach of their research and its value to the Department.

Conrad Chair: VADM John Terence Blake, USN (Ret.) jtblake@nps.edu

Simulation and Ideation Lab for Applied Sciences (SILAS)

The Simulation and Ideation Lab for Applied Sciences (SILAS) uses gaming and simulation to train contracting officers and measure how the military buys and delivers weapons and supplies. Mission-focused business leaders (MFBLs) source supplies, services and construction projects to enable military operations across the globe. We work with international partners on the ground to design and negotiate the best solutions to keep civilians and troops alive and equipment operating. The hands-on research conducted through SILAS delivers insights and results for acquisition professionals across the Department of Defense. 

SILAS Lead: COL Dan Finkenstadt, USAF

Other NPS Research Programs

Naval Research Program

The Naval Research Program (NRP) is funded by the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), and supports research projects for the Navy and Marine Corps. The NRP research projects are comprised of individual research teams, where projects are conducted, NPS expertise is developed, and then maintained, on behalf of the Navy and Marine Corps. The NPS NRP serves as a launch-point for new initiatives which posture naval forces to meet current and future operational warfighter challenges. The primary mechanism for obtaining NPS NRP support, is through participation at NPS Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) research meetings that bring together fleet topic sponsors, NPS faculty members, and students, to discuss potential research initiatives.

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Office of Research & Innovation

The Office of Research and Innovation (OR&I) supports the educational and research mission of the Naval Postgraduate School, align research activities towards research areas of national security, elevate the development of our warrior-scholars, ensure an environment attractive to high-quality faculty, and enable excellence in defense-focused, basic and applied research and innovation, including classified and interdisciplinary research, ensuring future technological and operational advantage for the warfighter.

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