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The next era of national security challenges demands increased cognitive ability that can adapt to the adversary and deliver innovative technological and operational results faster and more affordably than ever before.  NPS will consolidate its business programs into a more defense capability-centric educational approach that focuses on the DoD Acquisition Decision Support System (DADSS) that is designed to innovate and deliver warfighting capability. To facilitate this consolidation, the Graduate School of Defense Management (GSDM), including all assigned faculty and staff, will transition from a "School" to an interim Department referred to as the Department of Defense Management (DDM).

The DDM will be a more streamlined and focused organization that will provide graduate education and research that is specifically focused on the DADSS processes necessary for the transition of critical capability and services to meet Naval operational needs. DDM will further focus its programs in 2022 to deliver: Defense Program Management, Defense Contract Management, Defense Logistics Management, and Defense Manpower Management. These will be the primary curricular focus of the final transition to the Department of Acquisition, Logistics, and Manpower (DALM) by April 2022. These DALM programs will provide a cost effective and integrative curriculum that emphasizes defense acquisition, logistics, and manpower within the framework of Naval warfighting priorities. The DALM education programs will be informed by the Navy's ongoing Education Enterprise Requirements and Resourcing Review Board (E2R3B) process. The DALM will also develop innovative strategies to deliver continuing education to Naval personnel that adapts to the PERSTEMPO in which they work.

Raymond Jones
Chairman, Department of Defense Management