DT Events

Watch this space for upcoming Design opportunities!

As NPS Design Community members work collaboratively with others we often have opportunties to share. Check back regularly to take advantage of all the innovative concept generation work going on here on campus, and across the greater stakeholder community!



NPS Design Activity Archive:

  • Summer Quarter 2016, Rocket Building, Systems Engineering 3202 (continuation of SE3201 and SE3202).  Contact Prof. Oleg Yakimenko with questions.  Learn more.
  • 24-26 June, 2016, Navy Cyber Community of Practice Hackathon. Free in San Francisco (Register and Flyer).
  • 21 MayRocket Launches at Mojave Desert. Systems Engineering (SE3202) class students will be launching the solid-motor rocket they assembled at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry launch site North of California City, CA. It will be a demonstration of a quarter-long engineering project, which included conceptual design and building phases, followed by the actual testing and post-test debrief. Learn more.
  • 22-24 March 2016, E-Week : NPS CRUSER RoboEdu-2016, Robotics Education Design Challenge (Pre-registration required).  Get the details from this PDF.
  • 28 March-8 June 2016, Spring Quarter: DA 4500 Special Topics in Strategic Analysis, Advanced Design, taught by Professor Harold Nelson, (Register via NPS Registrar; classes meet Mon & Weds 0800-1000). Review the Syllabus.  
  • SE 3201 Engineering Systems Conceptualization, Embedded Modules on Design Thinking taught by Professor Nancy Roberts
  • E-Week Introduction to Design Thinking, Anne Gibbon (former Fellow at Stanford D School) & Professor Nancy Roberts. Get the details from this PDF.
  • E-Week HRM Design Challenge for Cyber Community, Sponsor Professor Cynthia Irvine, Designer Anita Salem, invitation only. Read more here.
  • Design Thinking for SOFs, Winter Quarter, Schedule TBA, Co-Taught by Anne Gibbon and Professor Nancy Roberts