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From: Mar 7 - May 1

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Rapid Innovation Design Challenge

The Naval Postgraduate School is excited to announce the Rapid Innovation Design Challenge as an experiential learning component of this year’s Discovery Day. Schools and students are invited to envision, develop, and design innovative solutions for ongoing naval challenges. Through engagement with one of the four unique design challenges presented with scaffolded lessons designed to support student learning and engagement, students will be asked to consider how science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) can be used to impact meaningful change for the naval forces.

The Discovery Day Design Challenge is open to students in grades 6-12.  Pick one of the four challenges, designed to take 2-4 days, but can be accomplished in a timeline that fits you and your students' needs.  If time permits, select as many challenges as you and your students desire. The challenge will have faculty and student teams in the local Monterey area competing against each other for a chance to win prizes up to $7,000 sponsored by the NPS Foundation.

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Climate Change Challenge Rapid Innovation                 

Challenge: Design a recreational facility for military families along the coast that provides water access but also accounts for different affects on sea levels. 

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Additive Manufacturing Challenge Rapid Innovation

Challenge: Design a 3D printed boat to deliver humanitarian aid. It must be able to carry 2 people and cargo across a body of water with a designated wave swell.

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Automated Systems Challenge Rapid Innovation           

Challenge: Design an unmanned waterproof robot that attaches to and navigates along a ship hull utilizing cleaning methods to remove biofouling. 

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NPS Cybersecurity Challenge Rapid Innovation                 

Challenge: Create an access control list for a computer network to protect people and property from compromise caused by a malicious cyber actor.

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