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Knowledge Superiority (KS) Certificate Program

Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences (GSOIS)

Program Length: 1 Year | Starts: Quarterly | Curriculum: #277


Program Overview

Curriculum 277 is not accepting applications at this time

The Information Sciences Department offers an Advanced Certificate Program on Knowledge Superiority. The Certificate Program is designed principally for working professionals, who are not currently registered as resident students at NPS - or at least not yet - and offers them the same, high-quality, graduate-education courses taken by resident students in this IST specialty area.

Students who complete the KS Certificate Program receive an official NPS transcript noting the academic achievement. Credits for these courses are transferable readily to any other, accredited university, and they may be applied directly toward NPS degree work by those deciding to continue their education later as resident NPS students.

The following distance learning delivery method(s) may be used for this program:



Program Announcements

There are currently no new announcements. Please check again soon.

Program Schedule

The following are the typical quarters for acceptance of new students into the Knowledge Superiority program: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

Please contact the Program Director for more information about the next available starts.

For information about the specific start dates for the listed quarters, please refer to the NPS Academic Calendar.



The Knowledge Superiority Track consists of four courses - two core courses and two electives - to equip students with current, specialized, high-power knowledge about knowledge superiority.

Core courses:

IS3210 - Issues in Defense Knowledge & Information Management
IS4210 - Knowledge Superiority

Elective courses:

Students can choose any two from a list of 11 courses in Computer Science, Information Science and Space Systems.

CC3000 - Introduction to Command and Control
CS3606 - Introduction to Information Systems Security
IO3100 - Introduction to Information Operations
IS3200 - Fundamentals of Systems Analysis and Design
IS3201 - Fundamentals of Database Management Systems
IS3301 - Fundamentals of Decision Support Systems
IS3302 - Fundamentals of Database and Decision Support
IS3502 - Fundamentals of Networks: LAN/WAN
IS4201 - Enterprise Database Management
IS4301 - Data Warehousing, Mining & Visualization
SS3011 - Space Technology and Applications


Eligibility and Admissions Standards

  • US Military Officers*
  • US Government Civilians (GS)
  • Enlisted Personnel
  • International Students**

*Per OPNAVINST 1520.23C, a Navy officer will incur a 1 year service obligation upon completion or withdrawal from the Certificate in Knowledge Superiority (KS) Certificate Program.

**International Students: Ensure that you read and understand the eligibility requirements and application process.


  • Baccalaureate Degree


$2000 per student/course.

Please refer to the tuition page regarding general information on tuition for DL programs. You may also contact the tuition-collection POC for this program directly: Tuition@nps.edu



The following excerpts were taken from student opinion forms and forum postings:

"Outstanding course! It very effectively combines KM theory with concrete actionable knowledge principles and assessment tools that can be utilized immediately within your organization. Not only has it been a great benefit to my own personal knowledge, it enabled me to provide immediate benefit to my command through direct application of Dr. Nissen's principles."


"I found this course to be a real eye-opener. Prior to the course I never had a real appreciation for the concept of knowledge and the need to actively identify, nurture, manage and employ it. I readily mixed up the access of information with the possession of knowledge. This course quickly changed all that."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Defense Information & Knowledge Management Course. As a [organization] Knowledge Manager (KM), it gave me some great insight into things that I could be doing better to move information across the [organization] elements. First and foremost, just being able to identify the difference between information and knowledge was crucial to my future success as the KM. I believe that this course would be of great benefit to any [organization] Officer and highly recommend that a shorter version of it be given as a part of the [executive] Capstone Course."


"The course material is outstanding. The organization of Dr Nissen's articles compendium and his book are also excellent sources …. The structure of the courses allows the knowledge flow between students and professor. The social interaction between them supports the acquisition of knowledge. The projects during the course help to ground what is learned with the reality in organizations. I can say that is a valuable course that gave me the foundations to understand my actual work."


"This class was awesome. I really enjoyed learning from others and reading their postings. It was a good learning experience."


"It has been a pleasure to be a student under Dr. Nissen. He is a "remarkable" professor and I will always cherish the knowledge that I have gained through this course of instruction."

Contact Information

For additional information specific to the program, please email the Program Director at KSDegProg@nps.edu.

For general questions about GEAC supported programs, please e-mail the GEAC Student Coordinator at GEACStudCoord@nps.edu.