About DRMI

The Defense Resources Management Institute (DRMI)

The DRMI is an educational institution sponsored and supervised by the Secretary of Defense and located at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California. The faculty of the DRMI are members of the NPS faculty specifically assigned to the DRMI for the purposes of providing graduate-level expertise in the associated academic disciplines. Since 1965, the DRMI has responded to the needs of the Department of Defense, teaching principles, concepts, and applications of defense resources management to U.S. and partner nation students in financial and resources management, and other defense specialties.

DRMI Mission

The DRMI's programs enhance the efficient and effective allocation of scarce resources in today's defense organizations by developing course participants' analytical decision making skills. Participants do not focus on learning detailed job-specific skills but rather on the concepts, techniques, and issues that pervade resources management decision making in most mid-management through executive-level positions. To accomplish this, the DRMI provides a dynamic learning environment featuring interactive lectures on key concepts from economics, management, and quantitative reasoning; facilitated small group discussions; and real-world case studies.

Who Should Attend

The DRMI's programs bring together mid to senior-level managers, military officers of grades O-3 through O-6, and defense civilians of grades GS-09 through GS-15, or equivalent. Once a year, flag and general rank military officers and equivalent defense civilians only attend the Senior International Defense Management Course.